Sunny Juliette is a nerve-racking thriller, about a misterious murder in 1979 and a dedicatied reporter who finds the truth in an unexpected way. In the spring of 1979, a banker has been abducted.

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A group of anonymous criminals have requested a ransom in return for his release. But shortly after the sum is paid, both the banker and his abductors mysteriously vanish into thin air. The police soon deem the case unsolvable, until it is retrieved by a young television journalist over 45 years later.



Juliette is one of the younger employees at a Dutch broadcasting company. For het first big story she will be reporting on a cold case from 1979.

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Merle van der Steen als Gabrielle


Gabrielle works for a large, nationwide bank. She finds out about Willem and his plan to get ransom at her bank.

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Willem LaSauvage

Willem has been working as a banker for a while now. He has a quite succesfull career as a regional bankmanager.

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Diederik Hillebrandt

Diederik has been working as Willem’s personal assistant for a few years now.

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